Friday was National Popcorn Day and our PTO was very gracious to bring popcorn to every student. This was quite the effort since this was the second day of popping following our bi-monthly popcorn sales.

We also held our District Dress Down Day for one of our students who lost most everything he owned in a housefire on January 4th. We have not counted the money yet due to the fact we are waiting for donations from all other schools to be delivered to Lippitt.

We have Keith Muslow coming to Lippitt tomorrow to perform for us. We are looking forward to his visit. He is one of our favorite performers. Thanks to the Robert J. Shapiro Fund we are able to bring such a quality performer to our students.

Our winter STAR assessment window closed on Friday and we are happy to announce that many students have shown growth this year.

Have a wonderful Monday.

Mr. Susla