Good Mornng,

They say March comes in like a lion. Well, for those who had a lot of tree damage and lost power this weekend I believe this saying is certainly true. It looks like we may have another storm brewing for Wednesday night.

It is nice not seeing any snow on the blacktop and students going outside so I will  hope for rain. There have been a lot of problems at recess lately with students saying unkind things to one another and students putting hands on each other. We are trying to deal with this issues swiftly so that we can have a safe environment outside for all our students. We have two benches and a 20′ by 10′ blue box we call a penalty area where students will be assigned if they are not kind or safe to peers.

Lets hope that March can end with better weather situations and students thinking about how others would feel before acting out and saying or doing unkind things.

Mr. Susla