Good Morning. I wanted to share with you some of the progress we have made to make our dismissal safer.

We have been working with the Warwick Police Department as they conduct a traffic survey to determine possible recommendations to help us with the sheer volume of cars coming to pick up students at the end of the day.

Cars pulling into our Faculty Only front lot run the risk of students being hit as they cross this parking lot. We have made an effort to inform parents that they should lead their children down the center sidewalk, following the painted blue paw prints with limited success. We then put an orange strap from the fence to our newly posted additional handicap spot. This action has also met with some success but some parents are still exiting the school by leading students across out lot where they can potentially be hit by a car backing out of a parking spot.

Please use the central sidewalk so we can avoid a terrible accident. Our student’s safety is paramount. We have moved the vans from the street to the bus turn in area so we can have several more parking spots availble for cars to help with our parking issue.

We do have two handicap parking spots available so we may have a couple cars pulling in at dismissal so we cannot totally remove the risk of someone backing out of a spot so we want all students to avoid crossing parking lot.

Our back parking lot isn’t as much of a concern except that cars are parking too close to the entrance so school buses are having diffuculty making the turn into the half circle when cars are parked illegally on opposite side or too close to entrance. Please be mindful of where you are parking.

We are zooming forward with our 100th day soon ahead. Enjoy your first full week of February and much milder temperatures.

Mr. Susla