Good Morning,

As we wrap up this week I wanted to share that our 3rd through 5th grade students completed the short annual SurveyWorks survey this week. The information from this survey will help our leadership team and PTO help guide us forward when making decisions affecting our school.

Parents will be able to take the survey anytime between now and March 8th. Here is the letter I will send via email later today.

Dear Parents:

The Rhode Island Department of Education is currently administering its yearly SurveyWorks Parent Survey, which is an opportunity for parents to provide feedback about our school and our children’s opportunities to learn.  The survey results are most useful when all parents participate, so I am writing to ask you to participate in this survey.

Your views on matters like the safety of your child at school, the way students are taught, the condition of the school, and how connected you feel to this school are important. By taking this short survey you can help our school leadership and our parent-teacher organization to make improvements to our school. Responses are anonymous and cannot be linked to any individual; no one can tie your responses back to you.

You can take the short survey online between now and March 8th. To take the survey, visit:

Code: 35123family

Thank you,

Mr. Martin Susla and all the staff at Lippitt Elementary



Enjoy your Friday,

Mr. Susla