We are wrapping up our chromebook distribution process this week with emails sent to second grade and Kindergarten parents. We have sent emails to grade 5, 4, and grade 2 over the last several weeks and passed out about 75 Chromebooks so far. Here is the message we sent today. The only grade not receiving new units is grade 3. They will receive new units when they enter 5th grade.

Distributing New Chromebooks

The IT department dropped off new chromebook units that students can receive when attached documentation is received. When the new chromebook is distributed we will collect the students current unit and distribute it to a student who does not yet have a device.

Please complete the virtual form and a paper form that you can print out or fill out the copy that was sent home with your child. Once both forms are completed, we will be able to set up a plan for us to get the device to you.

There are a several options for us to get a device to you:

  •  If a student goes home with a parent we can hand a box with the unit and charger 
  • If an older sibling, grade 4 or 5 goes home with your child, he or she can receive the unit. 
  • A parent can pick up the device before or after school (7:30 am-8:15 am or 3 pm to 4 pm) 
  • A parent can pick up the device on a Monday, 21st.
  • A parent can pick up the device after the school year ends, June 28th-July 2nd.

Thank you for your patience. 

Martin Susla

Lippitt Elementary Principal